Helicopter Teacher

I don’t have many opportunities when I get to experience being a student again. So, when I go to a gym class that’s when I’m reminded of what it feels like to be in that position again.

I went to a gym class today. I’ve been intensely working out the past few weeks at a different place, and I was met with an instructor I’d never met before. Now, instructors are, of course, meant to motivate you and help you better your technique. But this teacher WOULD NOT LEAVE ME ALONE. It was like he was a helicopter teacher.

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For the first 15 minutes, he constantly made sure to come over to me, check on me, provide advice on how to fix my technique, made a few harmless jokes that displeased me etc.,

It left me feeling incredibly stupid. I felt as if he said, “Lift a dumbbell” and instead I kicked a soccer ball kindof dumb. Now, I have sense, and I know that he had good intentions, and I left the gym feeling fine. He’s not my cup of tea. Thankfully, I know that I am happy with where I am, and whenever I get to that next level, that’s when I’ll get there. I can navigate my life fine and choose to go to a different instructor.

Kids have no choice but to go to the same person again and again, be it someone they love or not. The experience reminded me to be mindful of how I choose to help a student. Some students are fine with some attention and guidance, but some feel uncomfortable with all of that focus on them–and even defeated.

A strategy I like to use is:

  • Flexible Grouping: a way of temporarily group kids together based on skills, interests, etc.,

I’d like to know:

What are some of your strategies to support struggling students without making them feel self conscious? How do you group kids?


Sunday self-care: Morning routines

I know a ton of people suffer with anxiety, and lately, I’ve had lot of it. You know when you’re ambling along, everything is fine, and then BOOM all of the anxiety hits at once? It’s funny because I’m constantly left feeling the same way, “How did I think everything was ok? What signs did I miss?”

I’ve gotten much better at identifying signs of building tension or burn out (which is so common for teachers in June). When I get too obsessive or lost in work, I’ve trained myself to say, “You’re working at a lunatic’s pace, and you need to slow down.” This time, however, it was random. It was my body just failing me and causing me to be anxious when I’ve done what I need to do to be healthy and happy.

So, I just allowed myself to be anxious. Literally. I woke up early in the morning, and just let myself get my head together. And then I started my routine of meditating and self-care. It might sound-as my favorite podcast host/inspirational author Cara Alwill Leyba says- “very wu wu or mystical” but I promise you it’s not. It’s smart. Waking up in the morning and practicing acts of self-care is so important, whether you’re a stay at home mom or a teacher or whatever!

Whatever your morning self-care routine looks like it is not a waste of time. It’s something that has deeply healed me and allowed me to stay focused and fresh throughout the day.

Anyone can do it. Even those of you who say, you are NOT a morning person. Whether it’s something like making breakfast, reading a book, meditating, doing affirmations etc., you can do it.

Throughout the day, I’ll be adding some self-care resources. I’m also curious: What does your morning self-care routine look like? Or, what would your dream morning look like?

Writer Wednesday: Pieces

Writing a new story has been like trying to mash pieces of a puzzle together, and lately, I’ve struggled with starting Book 2 of my series. It feels like my head is all scrambled. I’ve sent out queries to a bunch of agents, and I’m waiting on responses. I’m trying to haphazardly ascend to the next step, but right now I feel stuck. As a result, I feel like there are these thoughts whirling about in my brain while I’m trying to focus on a completely different project.

I’ve been trying to figure out whether I should outline, research, or just write. I feel like I need to make this perfect product, when in reality, I can’t make a perfect product all in 1 shot. I need to write in pieces. I need to plan in pieces. I keep acting like I’m just going to have a completed master puzzle, but I’m skipping the step when I’m trying to push the cardboard pieces together, one at a time.

I think it’s time to take a breath and reset my mind and be ok with the fact that it’s a new project, and that it’s obviously not going to be done like Book 1. It’s fresh, and I’m allowed to take my time putting all of the pieces together.

How do you start a new project? What’s your process like?

Morning Routine

Fear pursuit

I know I’m going to sound like a lunatic, but I woke up at 445 am, and I was thrilled. Before you’re like, “she’s an insane person, and I hope she seeks psychiatric help” there’s a reason for my madness.

Earlier this year, I realized I had NO time to write when I would get home. I would be so completely drained and mentally exhausted that I found myself not being able to do it. So, I started to wake up early and not only write, but to also meditate and journal, and it’s really transformed my mindset to something more positive.

With how demanding jobs can be, it’s hard to get time for yourself, but now, I do. It’s totally changed everything. My friend, Melissa, put it best, “When I take the time to do this, I feel like Teflon.” I’m able to do the things that I really care about and am excited about early, and for the rest of the day (while it might not be every day) I feel like there is a light on inside of me.

I’m curious, what is your morning or nighttime routine like? Are you hoping to create one?