White Stag: Installation #3

Installation Three: Forest of Light


The sounds of wheels screeching against the ground resounded in her ears, and then there were the headlights that blared down on her eyes. The lights that kept her from slumber. 

Sade sat upright in bed, wiping the sweat from her forehead. Another nightmare. Peering towards the window, she saw the first streaks of dawn. She rubbed her eyes, exhausted and worn. Turning the alarm clock towards her, the red numbers blinked 3:00 A.M. at her. How was it so bright out if it was still night?

Suddenly, the flutter of small paper wings hit her wall, and a speck of light buzzed on and off against the cheap paint. She jumped out of bed, still only wearing her brother’s old Nirvana shirt, and with blurred vision, she peered to find a firefly flapping clumsily against the wall. How had it gotten in? Blearily, she glanced towards the only window in the room, and outside of the pane a horde of fireflies batted their wings furiously against the glass; it was like listening to the patter of rain. There were so many. Dozens upon dozens! She felt herself gasp and with hesitating steps, she inched closer to window, and the pattering seemed to grow louder.

A strong gust burst the window open, and the fireflies dispersed, humming as they flew further away. A breeze moved the oversized sleeves of the black t-shirt she wore; it still smelled like her brother. The singular firefly buzzed past her, attempting to reach its brothers.

And like a kite on a string, her heart was pulled by the tiny insect. Frantically, she bounded after it, hoisting herself painfully out of the too small window. Fearing that if she were too slow, she would lose sight of the small bug. She collided with the wet ground, mud crawling up her pale knees. Wincing she stood, and gasped at what she saw; the entire forest was lit with lightning bugs. It was as if every leaf glowed with an electric radiance. Her entire face was aglow from all of the light that they emitted when abruptly they began to swarm together, and make their way into the forest.

Sade wouldn’t be left behind.

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