Wicked Wednesday: Fenris

Wicked Wednesday presents your favorite devious and misunderstood creatures each Wednesday.

Fenris. sometimes called Fenrir, was a vicious beast. The hound was said to have grown to a size so immense that it even terrified the gods.


The dog was simply too wild to exist; he caused havoc and destruction everywhere he went. So, the gods chained him. It took more than one try but finally the dwarves constructed something that could hold the rabid beast down.

Though, Fenris was clever; he was distrusting of the chain and asked- as a show of goodwill- for one of the gods to stick their hands into his mouth. The god Tyr knew his fate before he did it. He was the only brave enough (or stupid enough) to stick his hand into Fenrir’s mouth. Once the savage creature realized he had been duped, he bit the god’s hand off, tearing the muscle and bone apart.

Now, he remains imprisoned to stone slab,waiting to break free at the end of the world. Then again, is the dog really so evil? It really is quite cruel to cage an untamable beast; it would be enough to make anyone go mad.

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