5: Terrible Vassal

 If you would like to read installments 1-4 of White Stag, check out my page above under “White Stag Installations.” Stay tuned for more White Stag each Thursday. Thank you for reading !


The stag moved with an impressive speed and grace. It hopped over logs with barely a glance in its direction. It was as if the forest were but a dance floor to the creature, weaving in an out of trees with a speed that made it difficult for Sade to even exhale.


           At one point, Sade peered behind them, and she had almost fainted from fright. The shadows engulfed them, reaching out to them with their clawed fingers and fiery mouths. Their translucent, shadowy bodies stretched towards the two fugitives, hoping to scratch them. After that, Sade had promised she would no longer look back. She pressed her eyes firmly shut as the deer swiftly ran; tears burned at the corner of the young girl’s eyes from fear.

Then, suddenly, the stag was no longer beneath her, and the girl was rolling and tumbling about on the floor.  Leaves, twigs and dirt clung to Sade as she spun on the forest ground, until finally the rolling halted. Daring a glance, she scanned what was around. There was no sign of the white stag or the shadows.  Her head was still spinning when a burst of white lit up the forest. Black spots blurred her vision, or at least that was what she thought it was before realizing that the air was actually glittering; the breeze glimmered with a static sparkle.

Sade looked towards the light, and saw the stag jumping up on its hind legs, followed by another bright flash of silvery light revealing a woman. She stood exactly where the stag had stood moments earlier. Long, white hair fell behind her shoulders and past her waist, and atop her head were the same magnificent snow-white antlers that Sade had held onto. She was pale, and her dress billowed all around her. But what caught Sade’s attention most were the woman’s eyes; they were strange; her dark irises were larger than that of a human’s and resembled more of a deer’s eyes than anything else.

A honey scented breeze blew towards Sade as she took a step closer toward the trembling girl. The woman was impossibly tall, perhaps, even taller than seven feet. She wrapped her cool hand around Sade’s wrist and jerked her up to standing position. Sade stared. Absolutely astonished by the brightness illuminating from the woman’s skin.

“You have been a terrible vassal,” the woman chastised in a voice dripping with otherworldly beauty.


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