Writer Wednesday: Pieces

Writing a new story has been like trying to mash pieces of a puzzle together, and lately, I’ve struggled with starting Book 2 of my series. It feels like my head is all scrambled. I’ve sent out queries to a bunch of agents, and I’m waiting on responses. I’m trying to haphazardly ascend to the next step, but right now I feel stuck. As a result, I feel like there are these thoughts whirling about in my brain while I’m trying to focus on a completely different project.

I’ve been trying to figure out whether I should outline, research, or just write. I feel like I need to make this perfect product, when in reality, I can’t make a perfect product all in 1 shot. I need to write in pieces. I need to plan in pieces. I keep acting like I’m just going to have a completed master puzzle, but I’m skipping the step when I’m trying to push the cardboard pieces together, one at a time.

I think it’s time to take a breath and reset my mind and be ok with the fact that it’s a new project, and that it’s obviously not going to be done like Book 1. It’s fresh, and I’m allowed to take my time putting all of the pieces together.

How do you start a new project? What’s your process like?